CHASE TONE™ Roadster Fuzz™

Limited Edition!


Hot Rod ‘White Pearl Dust’ &

Lamborghini ‘Gold Metallic Print’!


CHASE TONE™ has figured out how to make silicon transistors SOUND & FEEL like IMPOSSIBLE-TO-FIND, cherry picked, vintage germanium transistors but with MORE GAIN, SUSTAIN, OUTPUT and LESS NOISE!

Temperature Stable. Standard Polarity Power.




CHASE TONE™ Roadster Fuzz™


~ Sweet Germanium Warmth,  Singing Silicon Sustain, Hot Rodded Gain. ~


 There’s fuzz…THEN. THERE. IS. FUZZ! Like an exploding, melting wall of tube amplifiers (Hendrix); that sings and blooms with sweet harmonic intensity (Cream, Jeff Beck & Eric Johnson); roars with more gain and sustain than a stock vintage fuzz (Billy Gibbons); & sails through LIVE & ICONIC RECORDING mixes (David Gilmour). This… Fuzz… Sounds… HUGE!”

“Kyle Chase is possibly the world’s most OCD builder of new-old-stock amps and effects. When it comes to hardcore authenticity in vintage gear replicas, no one tops Chase Tone™.” – Premier Guitar Magazine


Applications: The RF™ is BEST placed BEFORE buffered pedals.

  1. The Roadster Fuzz™ has a unique RPM KNOB allowing you to be in complete control of a unity or boosted signal to a tube amplifier. Higher than NOON RPM Knob settings act like a Treble Booster.
  2. A simple turn of the Feel Knob effortlessly transforms the feel and sound from 1960s Germanium-style Tonebender and Fuzz Face pedals (SMOOTH & CREAMY) to later Silicon Versions (OPEN & CLEAR) without the noise. [Counter-Clockwise to Clockwise Rotation.]
  3. The Roadster Fuzz™ has enough gain to be used on a clean tube amp at low volume levels. Improved, LOW NOISE design allows for layering the fuzz on CRANKED distorting tube amplifiers.
  4. Players LOVE the Bass Knob as it doubles as a ‘use with a Wah and/or Humbuckers’ knob when turned Counter-Clockwise.


Features Include: Premium Quality

  • Professional Low-Noise PCB DESIGN: FULL PCB GROUND PLANE provides enhanced noise reduction and rejection.
  • Stable Performance On-the-Road- Temperature independent for consistent performance.
  • Standard 9VDC Polarity Power- Center Negative (Standard)
  • Low Noise- Hear all the nuance and dynamics of your playing and guitar knob settings when recording.
  • Single Coil & Humbucker Compatible- Makes single coils sound FAT and harmonic; Humbuckers SING with harmonic sustain.



Controls Include: Uniquely Fine-Tuned

  • RPM – Adjusts Treble EQ and Output as it’s cranked. * We suggest finding the sweet spot between 9 O’clock and Noon depending upon the environment. Higher than “12 o’clock NOON” settings are great for cutting through a band mix, Dark Vintage Tweeds or with modern, preamplifier distorted or bass-heavy amplifiers. *
  • FUZZ Adjusts Fuzz content. Less than max produces thicker, warmer fuzz tones and reduces background noise. Adjust in conjunction with other settings. Tapered design allows fast and easy adjustments without having to adjust any other knobs to compensate!
  • FEEL–  A simple turn of the Feel Knob effortlessly transforms the feel and sound from 1960s Germanium-style Tonebender and Fuzz Face pedals (SMOOTH & CREAMY) to later Silicon Versions (OPEN & CLEAR) without the noise. [Counter-Clockwise to Clockwise Rotation.]
    • Full Counter-Clockwise produces Melting Amp Stack-style Fuzz Tones and 1960s Pop Song Fuzz Outs!
    • 9 o’clock is reminiscent of Cream, Jeff Beck, & Eric Johnson’s Singing Fuzz Tone.
    • 1 o’clock is 1967 Germanium-era Hendrix with responsive guitar clean-up ability.
    • Full Clockwise produces glassy, overdriven Fuzz Tones with superior guitar volume cleanup reminiscent of David Gilmour.
      • TONE TIP: Rotating the Feel Knob Clockwise Increases Output.
  • BASS – Adjusts Bass and Input Gain. Full Clockwise removes circuit. Counter-Clockwise rotation cuts Bass and Input Gain for Humbuckers and doubles as a “use with a Wah without squealing” in a [Guitar > Wah > RF > Amp] signal chain.


Components Include: Vintage-Spec, New Production

  • Cherry picked to cream-of-the-crop specs Germanium Sounding Silicon Transistors
  • Vintage-Spec, New Production Polyester Film and Foil Capacitor.
  • Vintage-Spec, New Production, Low Noise Carbon Film Resistors in 50+ year Aged ‘fine-tuned’ values.


 Rear Mount Jacks and smaller COOL Retro TALL MXR style box takes up half the space!

Hardware Includes: Hand-wired Jacks and Switches for Ultra Reliability On-The-Road

  • Retro Cherry Red Impact Resistant LED BEZEL with Wide Viewing Angle.
  • HOT RODWhite Pearl DustPowder Coat Finish (Zero Ozone Emissions and Ultra-Durable) with Lamborghini GOLD METALLIC PRINT.
  • High quality 1970s style aluminum enclosure:4” Long x 2.4” Wide x 1.5” High. Fits in the palm of your hand.
  • REAR MOUNT JACKS = FIT ON VIRTUALLY ANY PEDAL BOARD! High Quality Switchcraft Jacks Handwired for Ultimate On-The-Road
  • High Quality, EPOXY Reinforced 3PDT wired for TRUE BYPASS


Our Philosophy: “Inspired by Tone™

“We take a passionate approach in deciphering iconic, elusive tones– the same elusive tones that inspire you. We design our professional-grade products to inspire you on whatever musical quest you seek — house rocker, local clubs, studios, large theaters and world concert stages. So, step on your Chase Tone™ equipped pedals and live your musically creative life to the fullest. Professional-grade products, built out of passion, that truly inspire- now that’s something worth playing.” Kyle Chase



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Canada/Europe/Asia/UK/Australia: $20 USPS First Class Mail with Tracking. 7-14 Business Days for Delivery from Shipment Date. Customs may add additional wait times. (Actual shipping costs.)


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee for USA Buyers. Absolutely Guaranteed.


5% purchase price discount for United States Veterans with FREE USA SHIPPING! (Please Contact Us!)


Limited Edition!





THE Roadster Fuzz™ Pedal. ONLY FROM CHASE TONE™!


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