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Same prized preamp circuit. Same prized preamp sound.




30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee in U.S.A. Absolutely Guaranteed.




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    Don’t miss out on the world’s original and most tone prized and versatile vintage EP3 preamp!


    “Kyle Chase is possibly the world’s most OCD builder of new-old-stock amps and effects. When it comes to hardcore authenticity in vintage gear replicas, no one tops CHASE TONE®.” – Premier Guitar Magazine

    Possibly the most faithful [early and late 1970s] Echoplex preamp circuit reproduction in a pedal– sweetens your tone, adding complex harmonics and touch sensitivity. CHASE TONE® nailed this effect.” – Collectible Guitar Magazine

    “These features add up for a truly realistic EP-3 preamp feel and sound that is unlikely to be matched by similar designs.” -Tone Report Magazine

    As an experienced stage technician, Michael Wegewitz swears by the following equipment: “… Combining stomp boxes is always interesting and here comes my new insider tip: the SECRET PREAMP™ by CHASE TONE® from the USA. It is based on the 1970 Solid State Maestro Echoplex and is a legendary ‘always on’ pedal. Especially for clean sounds [and] combined with [pedals] it is sensational.” Gitarre & Bass Magazine January 2019

    Hi Kyle Thanks so much. I’ve been working with the SECRET PREAMP™ in stolen moments. I’ve got it post compression & fuzz, as you mention in the instructions. Sounds HUGE & it is going to STAY ON. Jon Carin (Pink Floyd)

    Yeah… that’s the mystery one. That is a very cool thing that’s just ON, all-the-time. The CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™! It’s great! It’s a SECRET. That’s a great pedal… – G.E. Smith


    The SP™ is Prized Worldwide for its “BIG 3D TONE.”

    Absolutely Guaranteed.




    First, listen to how the SECRET PREAMP™ TRANSFORMS a cheap $39 fizzy, buzzy distortion pedal into a prized BIG 3D TONE. No wonder the greats had this in their arsenal. Only the Original CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™ delivers the goods.




    “BEHOLD. A fizzy Boss [$39 DS-1] distortion transforms into CREAMY GOODNESS by the MAGIC of the CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™.” – Emil


    Then, listen to how a DELAY pedal can multiply that ‘BIG 3D TONE’ of the SECRET PREAMP™ instead of echoing and repeating a cheap, buzzy inferior tone.




    Finally, listen below to the Boss DS-1 ONLY and then with the SP™ and Delay engaged creating an inspiring, effortless-to-play tone quality along with a dramatically improved player and audience experience. Only the CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™ delivers this unique tone.


    (SECRET PREAMP™ & BOSS DS-1 & DELAY: SP™ & Delay OFF, ON.)



    “If you are thinking about buying one of these plex pre’s. . . This ones got magic!!!” – Randy




    Have a question? Please use the contact form below including your name, email and country and we’ll get back to you shortly!


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       Please scroll below for more detailed info on the SECRET PREAMP™ including features, how-it-works, and the hand made quality built into each unit. (Auto Vintage EP3 Power, Orange Drops, Fine-tuned Components.)


       The CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™ is Legendary. Truly played Around The WORLD for over a decade! A true phenomenon.


      The SECRET PREAMP™ is BACK in a limited-edition New Cool 70s Retro ROADSTER™ Box! Pedal Board Friendly! GET ONE WHILE YOU CAN!


      Hey Bro, Mick Hayes here, I’d like to again thank you for the rushed order on the Chase Tone® Secret Preamp. Everything is sounding great, thanks to you!  Please find attached the picture I promised- Best…-MH @ FAME STUDIOS in Muscle Shoals, Alabama


      Hi Kyle! I am LOVING the pedals! [SP™ & ’68 RVF™] Thank you so much. Bless you, sir. Charlie Starr of BLACKBERRY SMOKE


      The SECRET PREAMP™ is a GEM! It is definitely an Always-On type of effect. It really OPENS the sound of my DUMBLE amps! – Karl


      After playing more with my CHASE TONE® SECRET PREAMP™… I just want to say, you did an amazing job. It sounds AMAZING. I can place it after even the most lo-fi cheap and fizzy distortion pedal, and with the SECRET PREAMP™ ON it sounds like a boutique one. Wow. -Alessandro


      Hi The [SECRET PREAMP™] pedal arrived this morning. I’ve only had a chance to plug my board into my practice amp but everything you claim about the pedal is true! Everything came alive …If it can do that to my practice amp I can’t wait to put it through my live rig on the weekend. I’ve had the Xxxxx XX Xxxxxxx on my board for years and honestly bought the SECRET PREAMP™ out of curiosity. The difference is surprising, like the difference between a real amp and a modeller. I’ll be ordering another SECRET PREAMP™ for my 2nd board very soon. Thank you Respectfully Mark


      Hi Kyle, I wanted to email you and let you know I’m very happy with the SECRET PREAMP™. Very happy how it sounds through my Marshall and Bogner heads. Also, I’m happy to see a guy who is talented like yourself!!! Keep up the good work!! Brian


        Hey Kyle, I just wanted to say, the SECRET PREAMP™ is AMAZING. What started as a love affair with the [Builder Name Removed 1], and went through various pedals including the [Builder Name Removed 2], has finally concluded with the SECRET PREAMP™. My search for an EP style “always on” pedal is done. I just could not be happier. I am just so happy with it, thanks and best of luck on everything else you do! Best regards, Tim  [Builder’s Note: We’ve been making the ‘prized worldwide’ SECRET PREAMP™ long before the boutique market. Get the ORIGINAL SECRET PREAMP™! ONLY FROM CHASE TONE®!]

      The SP™ is Prized Worldwide for its “BIG 3D TONE.”

      Absolutely Guaranteed.





      “Vintage-Accurate, 1970s Solid State Maestro Echoplex Preamp with ‘Bright’ early EP3, ‘Dark’ later EP3 and ‘MID’ hybrid-capture EQ… Ideal at unity gain or slight boost with increased harmonic complexity and touch sensitivity.”

       New Cool 70s Retro ROADSTER™ Box Style with Rear Mount Jacks takes half the pedal board space in comparison to our previous side jack bigger box versions.


      Got the SECRET PREAMP™ safe and sound. I have to say you nailed the sound. Both original settings are just as I know my echoplexes (9K, 10K and 30K serial #s) to sound, but arguably more intoxicating in their effect. It seems I can truly hear the difference that the select components make upon the circuit. The MID setting works wonders for chordal harmonic interactions. Your reputation for a golden ear is self-evident as far as I am concerned. I can’t wait to crank it up in front of the big rig. This is a game changer, thank you. -Charlie

      The cosmetics, jack location and size I think they are a major improvement. Honestly, I think you knocked it out of the park. WAY ABOVE par [other brands] in terms of tone and performance. -Alec

      Just wanted to drop you a line about the SP. Been using it for the last couple of months both before and after a variety of analog pedals and it delivers the goods every time. Tames high-gain fuzzes, sweetens BBD chorus and delays, analog phasors, and any kind of analog filter I have put behind it. The SP is an “always on” device in my rig. My core sound is clean Strat and the SP provides boost and sparkle without becoming brittle or sterile. Highly recommended!!! -Craig


      A little history…

      In the 1960s and 1970s, Echoplex tape echo delay units evolved from tube based designs into solid-state designs. Notably, the EP3 model was a solid-state model and had a few variations and revisions to the circuit. A select number of EP-3 models are highly sought after by musicians for their unique musical tone.

      This thing is awesome man. A lot of preamp or boost pedals push the amp in a way that makes them feel more like they’re overloading the amp rather than enhancing it. This secret preamp enhances everything before and after it! It’s really killer man. Still need to check it out a few other ways but so far its fantastic. -Matt

      Famous musicians of the era and later realized having the EP-3 in their signal altered their tone, even when the echo was bypassed. An internal secret preamp was at work here, boosting and fattening the signal, along with a slight phase shift that alters mid and high frequency harmonic content providing a transparent warm boost – a truly secret preamp boost in the arsenal of the great guitarists of yesteryear!

      Hey Kyle, the eagle has landed! Nice job. Looks great, soldering is tidy and the tones are what I sought. I used it with and without a DM-2 and the Secret Preamp™ was a great addition to an already great sound. – Rik

      But not all vintage EP-3s boosted, some dropped in signal due to the wrong TIS58 JFETs, and some were mediocre in tone being a different circuit revision. So, over a decade ago I did something about it! The Chase Tone® Secret Preamp™ Effects Pedal uses fine-tuned circuit components to ensure proper results. It is currently the only authentic replica of the most sought-after, musically transparent signal-boosting Echoplex units.

      Excellent Clean Build! Nailed my actual EP3 tone to a tee! -Mark

      If you have a half decent setup, this box will give you a boost that will make your amp work just a bit harder, sound just a bit sweeter and help you play a little better. Improved headroom, both in terms of volume and spectrum. Somewhere to go when you dig into the strings. – Steve

      “Blown away- this is the real deal. Great product!” -Barrett

      The pedal is great, everything I’d hoped for and love the mini toggle on the side for different options. Can certainly achieve a lovely fat boost or just enhance whatever sound you already have, will be gigging it at the weekend! – Robert

      Applications: The SP™ is BEST placed LAST in the signal chain.

      1. The Secret Preamp™ provides a slight boost to a tube amplifier and you’re in complete control of the EQ for different rigs and rooms!

      Preamp pedal is incredible. Truly outstanding pedal. Such a rich, alive sound. Makes the strings very touch sensitive. I love it. Thank you! – Hyram

      I played last night with the preamp and it sounded amazing…I love it !! I can’t believe that I waited so long to try it out. It makes everything sound so much better with so much more character to the sound…and the way how it feels too, very touch sensitive, just great !! – Diego

      Kyle your Secret Preamp™ is just fantastic. Sweet boost, super quiet even at max and the toggle is really nice option. I now just have the Secret Preamp™ and my Effectrode fire Bottle for all my boosting. Congrats on a great product. Gene

      I haven’t stopped using it. Sounds really great as a slight boost through my Soldano SLO, great pedal. Thank you very much. -Ben

      1. When ON and left ON, the Secret Preamp™ can be used as a ‘BIG 3D TONE’ enhancing your “normal tone” especially for overloaded true bypass pedal boards. (The industry standard of buffering can ruin the dynamics and feel and sound shrill.) The Secret Preamp™ IMPROVES tone and signal response over just plugging in a single guitar cable to your amplifier.

      Sounds brilliant. Very difficult to explain how, but just better. More 3d. More alive. More vibrant. Not played around too much yet but seems, already, quite indispensable. Fantastic customer service. Fantastic product. – Rob

      1. Customers love placing the Secret Preamp™ before or after [experiment] an analog delay pedal to bring vintage Echoplex tone to the signal-no need to lug that big and often unreliable/noisy Echoplex around just to have it alter the tone!

      I prefer the up position and the beautiful way that it just enhances everything. Brilliant job. I will definitely be considering some of your other products in the near future. All the best, Martin.

      1. Engaging the Secret Preamp™ after a vintage Fuzz will replicate the “cranked tube amp combined with Fuzz” tones – without cranking the tube amplifier!

      “I wanted to thank you for the secret preamp you built. This pedal does the preamp better than any other box I’ve used. It may even sound better than my Echoplex. Glad I went out on a limb to find you. I’ll be using this to capture the tone in my head for some time to come. Thanks for your work and passion. Sincerely, Jordan

       “Item arrived very quickly. Beautiful pedal, high quality build, amazing tone!”



      I wanted to take some time this a.m. to tell you how impressed I am with the SECRET PREAMP™. Normally, I plug straight in, no pedals. I do have a large pedal board with top notch effects, but rarely use it. I prefer the straight in approach. I am running mainly Marshall camp amps, Germino Lead 55, Germino Masonette, Marshall DSL 50, RockyTop JTM 45 clone and a Trinity 18 watt clone. I also use a variety of cabs, mostly Greenbacks or in that family. Also, using multiple guitars, from Les Pauls, Firebird, a couple of Reverends……. I have not found a combination that did not benefit greatly from putting the SECRET PREAMP™ in the chain. It makes everything I plug in sound “better”. From P-90s to humbuckers, it just adds “more”. The SECRET PREAMP™ is now an integral part of my rig, sitting on top of the amp, ALWAYS ON. It is the only pedal that has truly inspired me to use it consistently. Trying to find words to describe a sound is difficult, but if I had to I would use the description of “3D”. It truly adds some magic to the sound that is for sure. The SECRET PREAMP™ is truly the best pedal I have ever purchased. Amazing. Just amazing. You truly are building some of the finest pedals on the planet. Thanks! Dave

      Features Include:

      • AUTOMATIC Vintage EP3 22V+ POWER!
        • NEVER APPLY VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9VDC! Internal circuitry will automatically ramp 9VDC to 26VDC and then regulate and filter at 22VDC Vintage EP3 Power!  (Amazing 3D Quality and Touch Response.) [Battery option is available but a quality, regulated power supply is recommended (such as Voodoo Labs) for long term performance.]
        • 150mA 9VDC Power Requirement. If you are using a daisy-chained power supply, please make sure you are only using 9VDC standard polarity and there’s at least 150mA to 200mA current available for the SP™.

       Thanks for everything!  It has been a pleasure dealing with you.  You delivered a great pedal and top notch customer service. -Mike

      “It’s funny, Kyle, your Secret Preamp™ has been on my board [4-5 years straight] and I use it CONSTANTLY! As in, it’s on all the time I play! Very indispensable aspect to my tone… Can’t imagine how it could get any better!” -Ben

      • VOLUME CONTROL- Wired just like an original EP3 for Amazing Versatility!
        • 10 to 11 0’clock = UNITY GAIN (Depends upon EQ Setting)
        • 1 to 2 o’clock = 3dBs+ MAXIMUM OUTPUT BOOST
        • 3 to 5 o’clock = 1dB or 2dBs with FLAT EQ just like a worn, vintage Echoplex

      “Top Shelf Builder! Has a Great Ear for Tone! If you Seek Tone, Find it Here!”

      • Chase Tone® Exclusive 3-Way EQ 1970s Era EP3 Mini-Toggle Switch!
        • Early 1970s = BRIGHT       Late 1970s = DARK       Hybrid Early & Late = MID

      “If you are thinking about buying one of these plex pre’s. . . This ones got magic!!!” -Randy


      Kyle, I received my SECRET PREAMP™ Saturday and logged a solid 8 hours of gig time on it this past weekend. I am 100% pleased with my purchase. It does everything that it is advertised to do. 3-D is a very good descriptor. And the bloom and harmonics it adds is awesome! This is the best pedal purchase that I’ve made in a very long time. It tempts me to want another one! Also, your customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced. Your response time to customer questions is phenomenal! I know that there is a lot of ‘cut and paste’ information in your replies, but you take the time to personalize them for the individual costumer. And it gets the job done!! I wish you great success and wealth in your business of putting affordable Pro-Level tone into the hands of the common weekend warrior! Now, get busy and build my Roadster Fuzz™! Sincerely, Perry


      Components Include:

      • Vintage 1970s JFET cherry picked to cream-of-the-crop specs.
      • New production, Accurate Vintage Spec, Aged Carbon Film Resistors capture the aged tonal qualities of carbon with the consistency and lower noise of film.

      Hello, I received my SECRET PREAMP™ and I love it. Its hard to describe in words how awesome it is. Just wanted to say great job. You have a customer for life. Thanks!! – Kurt

      • New production, Accurate Vintage Spec, Orange Drop 225P Film & Foil Polyester capacitors for the original, distinctive-yet-transparent tone. Same exact as original Vintage 60s & 70s prized Maestro Echoplex EP2 and EP3 circuits

      Hi Kyle, I’m very happy with the SECRET PREAMP™. I like my Strat, Tele or Gretsch to sound clean, fat and rich and the SECRET PREAMP™ delivers! I place it at the end of the chain before the amp. I mostly put the little switch to dark and the level to unity gain. The SECRET PREAMP™ sweetens your tone in a very musical way. It will make your tone richer and sweeter and you will not lose any definition. It just sounds and “feels” better with the SECRET PREAMP™ in use. Since i’ve got it, I’ve never turned it off while playing. I’ve tried it in combination with different delays (Korg SDD-3000, Boss DD-500, Ibanez AD-80), reverb (vintage Fender tube reverb unit) and overdrives (Ibanez TS-808, Timmy). It always sounds better in combination with the SECRET PREAMP™. It is “the real stuff”! You made me a happy man, Kyle. I’ll order another one. Regards, Wim

      • Professional Low-Noise PCB DESIGN: FULL PCB GROUND PLANE provides enhanced noise reduction and rejection.

      This is THE ONE, all the others are poor imitations. Believe the hype!!! Thanks! – Ross

      The SECRET PREAMP™ got to me here in Western Australia quickly [ with free shipping]. It immediately found a home in front of my amp, recording chain and basically anywhere I play electric guitar applying harmonic and level changes to whatever you play through it. It comes alive at gig volume where it helps your guitar sit just perfectly in the stage mix.

      “The REAL deal – have no doubt – this pedal IS IT.”


      Hardware Includes:

      • Retro Cherry Red Impact Resistant LED BEZEL with Wide Viewing Angle.
      • Vintage EP3 Faceplate Grey Hammer Powder Coat Finish (Zero Ozone Emissions and Ultra-Durable) w/Vintage EP3 Face Plate FONT
      • High quality 1970s style aluminum enclosure: 4” Long x 2.4” Wide x 1.5” High. Fits in the palm of your hand.

      I’m so happy. Can’t thank you enough. I love the pedal & I’m not happy without it in my chain. Such a gorgeous pedal. With a 62 reissue Strat & a Supro Coronado & this thing it’s tonal bliss. Congratulations on such a quality product. – Rob

      • REAR MOUNT JACKS = FIT ON VIRTUALLY ANY PEDAL BOARD! High Quality Switchcraft are Hand-wired for Ultimate On-The-Road Reliability.

      Hi Kyle, Just a little review of the SECRET PREAMP™. I think this is one of the best pedals I ever got! It can get more from my amp, push the harmonic context of the guitar and amp! I’ve been giging around Europe and I have to use some rental fender amps specially twin reverb, and this thing makes every amp sound better it’s just simples as that! Works well with all my drives, reverbs, delays… All guitar players need this on they’re rig! Thanks, Paulo

      • High Quality, EPOXY Reinforced 3PDT wired for TRUE BYPASS

      CHASE TONE® + Electronic Components = Art Thanks again! – Robert

      “One of the best tone builders! Excellent person, very friendly. Simply the BEST!” –Juan (Cabo Wabo)

      Hi Kyle, I must say it sounds wonderfull in both DARK and BRIGHT settings. On my Dr Z Z-Lux, I may prefer the DARK setting, at least with bright guitars such as Strats or Teles. It sounds good by itself indeed, but it’s actually stacked with other effects that this preamp really shines to my ears. My overdrive and fuzz pedals have never sounded so BIG, full and as detailed before. I’m impressed. Thank you. Regards, Romain

      Jim Weider Band and formerly of The Band

      Jim Weider

      Hello Kyle, I got the Secret Preamp™ today and used it at rehearsal. In an A/B it’s very close! You’re the only one and I’ll let people know you got this so close without ever hearing my Echoplex. So far this is the closest. Good ears!! -Jim Weider. Update: I’ve been using it on all shows, just leave it on all the time!


      Our Philosophy: “Inspired by Tone™

      “We take a passionate approach in deciphering iconic, elusive tones– the same elusive tones that inspire you. We design our professional-grade products to inspire you on whatever musical quest you seek — house rocker, local clubs, studios, large theaters and world concert stages. So, step on your CHASE TONE® equipped pedals and live your musically creative life to the fullest. Professional-grade products, built out of passion, that truly inspire- now that’s something worth playing.”– Kyle Chase


      “Unbelievably awesome seller. Responsive, friendly, super attentive. A+” – Al

      “Echoplex pedal sounds amazing punches way above its price get one you won’t regret.”

      Kyle!!!!! I don’t even know where to begin or how to properly rave on about the preamp!! Incredible on every level! Simply put, one of the most useful and musical devices I’ve owned in 30++ years of playing – No BS. Perfection! Excellent work across the board – keep it up! Cheers to future success, -Doug



      Have a question? Please use the contact form below including your name and country and we’ll get back to you shortly!


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        Some Recent Customer Feedback out of thousands of reviews:

        Hey Kyle, I can’t say enough good words about you and your work. Its amazing my friend. Fabulous. I’m using the SECRET PREAMP™ ON-ALL-THE-TIME as a tone enhancer, in the dark position, so vintage sound. It really has something secret, because made all my gear sound a lot better. Love it man!! Never found a better customer service and a better person to deal. I really love that pedal man. Certainly never leave my board. Hope in the future to buy a CHASE TONE® Wah. I will contact you…Really thank you for everything Kyle! Absolutely fantastic. It brings something really special to the sound, really 3D like. Love it brother. Love and Peace friend!! Alan

        Hi Kyle. I can see why the SECRET PREAMP™ is prized by players worldwide. It truly is an amazing pedal. I am not big pedal user, but I did use the EP Booster on and off for many years. It was my most used pedal. Then, I read an article in an online magazine about the “best” Echoplex preamp pedals on the market. Seeing how the SECRET PREAMP™ was not “based on” the circuit, but actually WAS the circuit, I thought I would give it a try. Well, that turned out to be the best decision I ever made in regard to pedals that is for sure. I am totally enamored with the SECRET PREAMP™. Thanks again. Take care, DAVE

        Well, I love this fricking [SECRET PREAMP™] box! It makes my Esquire sparkle or be mean. Great job and I truly appreciate your craftsmanship! -Nick

        What a glorious revelation! Not only does the SECRET PREAMP™ clean up and improve my tone, but it’s challenging me to play better. Gone are the days of a little slop covered up by a muddy mix.  I still need to play with it’s placement in my chain, but currently running dead last with the exception of my infinity looper. Thanks for your dedication to the craft. -Andy

        I have your CHASE TONE® Secret preamp and its fantastic its ALWAYS on! – Frank

        Kyle, So far I really love the SECRET PREAMP™!  I’ve brought you [many orders that] are coming soon!! I’m sure now that we all are gigging the [SECREET PREAMP™] pedals, you’re going to get more orders! Great job!!  – Dan

        Hey Kyle, I ordered your pedal SECRET PREAMP™ and a few weeks ago I got the shipment and the pedal is awesome. Now yesterday I got another shipment from you with another SECRET PREAMP™ pedal, So I now have two of those, but have only payed for one. That doesn’t feel right. How could we solve this issue? -Fredrik of Sweden.  CHASE TONE® reply: [Hi Fredrik, Thank you for your update. That’s great to hear you are enjoying your SECRET PREAMP™! We were more concerned about you as a player and customer than the money and shipped the extra as a backup after you patiently waiting nearly 30 days during the back-order before shipment and then the delay through customs. So please except the extra as a free gift for your loyalty to CHASE TONE® and continued interest in our passionately made products backed by caring customer support!! Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything. Fredrik.]

        Hi Kyle, Just wanted to say thanks for two awesome pedals – the SECRET PREAMP™ and the 68 Red Velvet Fuzz™. I bought the 68 Red Velvet Fuzz™ a while back from you and just today my SECRET PREAMP™ arrived. The 68 Red Velvet Fuzz™ covers all my fuzz needs and I love that it’s so versatile with all the EQ options. And concerning the SECRET PREAMP™ – I’ve been a tape echo fanatic for years and one of the things I absolutely love about the EP-3 is the thickness it adds to the signal – it honestly makes everything sound better. The SECRET PREAMP™ nails it – putting that after my Bogner La Grange makes my 1×12 amp sound like a 4×12 – it just makes everything sound more epic. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and to keep building more pedals – you’re incredibly talented.   – Andrew

        Hi Kyle, the SECRET PREAMP™ is landed and since a few weeks on my board… awesome! Distortion sounds are on a new level! Great think! It`s an always- “on”- tool. All the best! Christian

        Hi Kyle, Oh, the SECRET PREAMP™ is nice for sure! The signal is big, rich, robust and full, compared to ordinary tone. I am loving it! It will be a permanent fixture! Thanks! Paul

        Hi Kyle. Just got my SECRET PREAMP™ and plugged it in and I gotta say thanks! I love both the look and the sound. It might even sound BETTER than my echoplex which is just too cool for words. I’m gonna make a reddit thread about it to spread the good word. Best wishes, Jon

        Hi there! Just wanted to write back and tell you guys that this pedal is amazing. It has been the “glue” to my entire rig. I don’t use much, I have a small pedalboard, just one guitar, just one amp. But I’m picky about the sound I get from my few pedals (5 pedals). And let me tell you…I place the preamp (always on) after my 2 overdrives which I stack for leads, and it just gives me more punch while providing articulation.  As if it’s “cleaning” up all the “unnecessary”, and just allowing the “quality” saturation come through…I don’t even know how to describe it, point is it just works beautifully. Thank you, Jaime

        I just received my secret pre amp and it really rocks, brings tone to life, adds harmonics, specially if you use a good amount of pedals (that will gradually suck your tone). It´s gonna be an always on type of pedal for sure. Amazing stuff!!! – Joao

        Hi Kyle, Just wanted to say that I am absolutely in awe at the sound I’m getting with this Secret Preamp™. My original Fulltone 69 fuzz pedal is one of those love it or hate it pedals and as much as I like the sound of fuzz, I always struggled with finding that sweet spot with my rig. After running it through the Secret Preamp™, it sounded fuller, livelier and totally tamed that harsh hairiness of the fuzz. And this is just through my practice amp. I’m really excited to try it through my main amp (AC30) and with other pedals. It has gotten me to fall in love with the fuzz again. Thanks again for building an awesome pedal and can’t wait to incorporate it into my new board. -Thanks! John

        Good morning, Kyle. The Secret Preamp™ is giving me a cleaner sound with more crunch. I need to redo all of my pedal board I have some stuff that I won’t need anymore. Now I would like to order the Silicon Fuzz! – Thanks again, Bernie

        The Secret Preamp™ arrived today. The beauty of the Secret Preamp™ is its simplicity; it simply makes everything else sound better! Especially delays and fuzzes. Between the service and the product I am very interested the Scripture Wah™ now! – John

        Thank you so much for my brand new CHASE TONE® Secret Preamp pedal (this being my 4th from you – yes, 4 LOL.)  This pedal is pure magic and works great for keyboards , Moogs and Bass as well! What is does to my Pure Sixty Four Tweed Deluxe and Tweed Twin is nothing short of astonishing. All the rich gooey elastic clean tones just ring through with an authentic vintage vibe that places me in that musical pocket of Tone, that pleases me so very much!- John

        Kyle, I did use the pedal [on Saturday’s gig] and really liked it.  Definitely made my amp sound more ‘alive’.  Train’s sound man does our sound and came up to me after the first set and commented on how good my tone was that night. Thanks for everything!  It has been a pleasure dealing with you.  You delivered a great pedal and top notch customer service. -Mike

        “The REAL deal – have no doubt – this pedal IS IT.”

         “Item arrived very quickly. Beautiful pedal, high quality build, amazing tone!”

        I got the Secret preamp yesterday, amazing tone man! You really nailed it.

        I think I’m never gonna turn it off, I just love what it does with my overall tone – specially with my strats. Great job man, thanks! – Steven

        Hey Kyle…Just wanted to rave about the secret tone pedal I have …I Totally love it and cannot live without it in my rig….GREAT JOB…. – Patrick

        I have to say that I really like what it does for my tone.  My cleans have never sounded better.  Definitely a keeper.  Highest compliments to you on the design, build, and implementation!  – Art

        Awesome pedal and seller, great communication, thank you !!!Absolutely perfect ! Thanks a lot from France !

        Groovy seller, far-out pedals, highly recommended. Thanks Man!

        it’s absolutely KILLER. It went right on my main session board.

        Thanks so much man. – Kip

        Flawless transaction! Super fast shipping and pedal better than described.Thanx

        Great transaction! Everything was superb! Item exceeds description. Great Ebayer

        As described, Super fast shipping, Very helpful, Would buy from again, Thanks

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