Dallas Arbiter Germanium Fuzz Face Replica

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 ~ Chase Tone Dallas Arbiter Germanium Fuzz Face Replica ~


Individually custom built and perfectly tuned with more fuzz and harmonic complexity allowing notes to sustain and easily develop into feedback. A pure vintage organic fuzz tone. Check out the stunning Drivin South MP3 below while you read the description!

Chase Tone Dallas Arbiter Authentic Fuzz Face Replica

“When it comes to hardcore authenticity in vintage gear replicas, no one tops Chase Tone.” – Premier Guitar Magazine May 2012


Output Control: Maximizing this control increases sustain, punch and treble bite. The sweet spot is adjusting it in comparison to your tube amplifier volume and EQ settings- An optimal setting is usually between 3/4s and maximum when turning in a clockwise direction.

Most dynamically responsive fuzz I’ve ever used by a big margin. I have many wonderful fuzzes but if I could only have one I’d be selling all the others right now. Thankfully I can have many so there is room for everybody but this one is just THE TRUTH. IT doesn’t care how the amp is driving. I can get the same out of it with the amp on 1 as with the amp on 7 (narrow panel pro). Incredibly, I would say even the excellent sound clips you have don’t enable one to appreciate it fully. It is just ridiculous how good it is. Many thanks! Wonderful service! Absolutely best every time!!!” – Lee

Fuzz Control: Maximizing this control increases total amount of fuzz. Increased range over a vintage unit.

Your Fuzz is awesome, it’s something completely different compared to my other pedals. It’s really so sensitive and response so well to your playing and touch. I cannot say how thankful I am for your fuzz pedal. It really works fantastic. I couldn’t stop playing it over and over. It creates crazy feedback if you turn the fuzz knob all the way up and you bend a note very hard. I will play three shows next week, all with our pedal.” – Julijan

Board Mount Trimpot Temperature Control: Optimal adjustment is preset at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Fine tune adjustment in either direction may be necessary to compensate for temperature fluctuations. A gated effect can be achieved when adjusting this control at its extreme settings. If the quality of the fuzz tone is not optimal, this is the knob that usually needs adjustment. Fine tune adjustment by ear is recommended.

EVERY fuzz pedal I’ve ever tried (and I’ve bought a ton of them) was always too fizzy, too much or too little mir-rangy, to woofy… NOT THIS. I can honestly say this pedal is getting a home on my live rig board and I will be ordering another in case I ever have an issue. I now can say I have a usable fuzz pedal. And it’s not a fuzz pedal that I had to tweak for 15 minutes to fine a single usable sound…. I couldn’t make it sound bad- it is imply fantastic – and my amp tones are not buried, just beefed with glorious vintage fuzz. Thanks for amazing work man- This Pedal is most amazing fuzz pedal I’ve ever touched – by far – Jim

Board Mount Trimpot Headroom Control: Maximizing this control in the clockwise direction removes it from the circuit. Adjusting in a counter-clockwise direction adjusts the headroom clipping of the input circuit, reduces bass frequencies allowing better compatibility with dark or humbucker equipped guitars, and helps eliminate oscillations when placed after a wah pedal.

I gotta tell you the more I play through this fuzz the more I’m loving it. I have a 66 strat and nailing the Hendrix tone like never before. You know it’s those little things that you hear in recordings, I’m hearing them now, I gotta hand it to you, I’ve had nothing but complements, Another thing I’m not one to get crazy over stuff and tell people how good things are, But you got me on this one. Can’t stop smiling, I just can’t believe how this works with my setup. Thanks again, I really can’t say enough. Worth the wait!!!” – Jerry

Chase Tone Germanium Fuzz Face Red Round Replica

“Had a nice test with the Fuzz Face today…….OMG. To describe how much I love it would take a day. All I’m gonna say is I will never buy another fuzz pedal again, and if I do, you can bet I’m getting it from you. Your like a friend from now on man. Yours is brighter and has that nice crackle you hear on Hendrix recordings. I played with the temp controls and it also gets REAL sputtery if turned clockwise. It made me think of something EJ would love. With all the internal controls at default and the knobs cranked all the way it gets a little splatty with chords. Almost like an Octavia, but not nearly that bad.” – T

Additional details:

* Original Red Texture Finish

* Grounded Input True Bypass via a significantly higher quality switch than the boutique market standard.

* Reinforced wiring harness featuring vintage correct spec pvc stranded copper wire and shielded input and output wiring to reduce noise extending nuances.

Perfect. Love the pedal. Great workmanship. Sounds great.”

* High Quality Closed Switchcraft Jacks.

* New Old Stock 1960s Allen Bradley Carbon Resistors. Warm and smooth over-driven tone compared to modern carbon film resistors. Same resistors used on the Apollo Missions.

* New Old Stock PNP Gold Lead Germanium Transistors- individually hand selected and audited in each circuit for optimal tone, low noise, and stable performance.

Kyle Chase- possibly the world’s most OCD builder of new-old-stock amps and effects.” Premier Guitar Magazine Press Release 2012

* Military Grade Fiberglass Double Plated Thru-Hole Circuit Board. Exact replica of the original 1960s PNP Germanium layout.

* Vintage 1960s Mullard capacitor for that unmistakable thick smooth and complex tone not heard in modern polyester capacitors.

* Build with pride and care and individually fine-tuned and tested one at a time in the USA.

Flawless transaction (w/ overseas delivery), high quality product.”


-Order Details-

$299 purchase price. (Limited Production Item)

Free shipping anywhere in the world! (USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Insurance dependent upon country.)

30 Day Return Policy for USA buyers.

☆ 5 % discount  for United States Veterans ☆

* 6-8 weeks wait time from date of payment (back ordered due to high demand)

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    Sound Clips:


    Smokin’ Fuzz n Feedback Illustrations

    Sound Clip Description:

    1957 Fender Tweed Champ Replica w/ Deluxe size speaker cabinet & 12″ Weber Alnico speaker

    1968 Fender Stratocaster Replica w/reverse staggered pickups, reverse angled bridge pickup, and reverse neck. Tone control modification to bridge single coil pickup.

    Clean amp tone & then Fuzz pedal engaged at 12 seconds.

    Korg Digital Recorder- Reverb added for ambience.

    Drivin’ South!

    Sound Clip Description:

    *Smooth spread of rich harmonic textures of clean, overdrive and “rubber band quality”
    fuzz tones by manipulating guitar volume between 3 and 10, and stands out in the mix
    while never being too bright.

    Ceriatone JTM45 (replacement transformers & custom attenuator)

    Volume I (8)

    Volume II (6)

    1997 Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster.

    Dunlop Crybaby Wah.

    Custom fine tuned Chase Tone Germanium Fuzz Face Replica.

    Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Reverb added for ambience.

    Credits: Customer sound clip at band rehearsal.


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