CHASE TONE™ ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™

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CHASE TONE™ ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™


‘Sweet, Creamy, Singing, Multi-Layered 60’s Fuzz Tone!’


Hi Kyle, Thought I would drop in and give you my thoughts about the ’68 RVF. It’s mega! Absolutely it’s own animal compared to my other favorite fuzz faces. It really sings and as advertised the harmonics are amazing. The mid control is so unique to this fuzz because the character of the fuzz is not lost with the MID booster as other fuzz face pedals I’ve played with that option. The clean is exactly how I like it as it gradually cleans up and not just suddenly [shades of clean, overdrive, exploding fuzz]. Awesome job. I plan to stay a true supporter of you work. -Joe


What sets the CHASE TONE™ ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ apart from the rest is its amazing feel and thick even order harmonic complexity. There’s no need to crank the amplifier or layer an overdrive or another fuzz but you can if you want to for more saturation and feedback. This may be the most harmonically complex and sweet feeling 60s Fuzz you’ll EVER play; sounding like you always thought a Fuzz Face should. This is really a hybrid (and more) of the best we’ve had to offer. Everything can be worked via the guitar volume knob: Pristine Cleans, Thick Sustaining Overdrive, All-Out Exploding Fuzz.

[Matt Cummings. Fender Stratocaster. Fender Brown Face Amp.]



The CHASE TONE™ ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ is a limited-edition, pedal-board-friendly version of our prized SOLD OUT CHASE TONE™ 1968 Dallas Arbiter BC183 Red Fuzz Face Replica that had it’s own authentic explosive fuzz tone like a wall of Marshalls. The durable powder-coat finish actually feels like VELVET and the fonts are accurately replicated from an original prized 1968 Dallas Arbiter Red Fuzz Face. SWEET!

Kyle, my man First of all, you’re a legend. Second, thank you. Third, the ’68 Red Velvet might be the greatest Fuzz pedal ever made. I have an [name removed] from the mid-2000’s with NKT275 Germanium “white dot” transistors. Great tone! Just lost in the mix. The new “Chase Tone ’68 Red Velvet Fuzz” showed up, and I’ve been playing both pedals back-and-forth all day – not only does the ’68 nail the tone of the NKT275 white dot, but it enables me to cut through. Not only that, but I get that “blown up” sound, Epic. It’s not that I love my [name removed] any less, it’s just that I love the ’68 more! I’m happy to report I installed the ’68 on my #1 gig board a few moments ago and I’m attaching a photo. [pedal name removed] off! The ’68 Red Velvet has output for days and can literally nail any fuzz tone I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s musical, dynamic, explosive, and the best part. it cleans up insanely well with the volume knob just like an old Germanium. I don’t know how you did it, by all accounts it should be physically impossible, but you did it – it’s freakin’ awesome! [Players] won’t know whether this is a Germanium or Silicon! Kind of has the best of both worlds. Have a great weekend. Now that I have this pedal, I know I will  -Nick


External mini-trim knobs allow the player to EQ fine-tune to their rig at home, in the studio, or on the road with a live band. Player preferred custom tweaks from our prized Red Stardust™ Germanium Fuzz (and my favorite CHASE TONE™ Candy Apple Red Germanium Fuzz from France)…  For those who desire a germanium fuzz pedal that sounds like an exploding sun . . . . . . with more gain, thick fuzz, sustain and feedback than a stock vintage germanium fuzz face- all while never getting lost in the mix.” and our Silver Stardust™ BC183/2L Silicon Fuzz “For those who desire a singing midrange, sustaining iconic 1960s to futuristic fuzz tone with germanium warmth, sustaining gain for effortless soloing, and increased output to be heard through a band mix unlike stock vintage fuzz pedals . . .” have been incorporated into the design. [If you’ve owned our Roadster Fuzz™ and wanted a sweeter, harmonically complex fuzz with increased versatility, less low end, and a longer travel FUZZ knob, this is it and more! All at an affordable price for players worldwide.]


“There’s more MIDRANGE, OUTPUT, GAIN, SUSTAIN, HARMONICALLY COMPLEX FUZZ and PLAY-ABILITY than any fuzz we’ve ever produced. This fuzz captures that elusive feel that’s missing in other modern examples and is only found in a select few prized vintage units, but they never cut through the mix, aren’t pedal board friendly, and cost thousands… if you can find one.”



VOLUME: Maximizing this control increases sustain, punch and treble bite. The sweet spot (1 o’clock through 4 o’clock) is adjusting it in comparison to your tube amplifier volume and EQ settings- An optimal setting is usually between Noon and maximum when turning in a clockwise direction.

Greetings. I received the ’68 Red Velvet Fuzz a couple of days ago and I am totally blown away.  It is exactly, and I mean exactly, as your description states.  The interaction between the guitar volume knob and the RVF is incredible in itself.  The sustain and harmonics (not to mention the fuzz tone ) are really mind blowing.  Note definition is superb and to be honest, I have yet to find a setting that is not usable. I am running a Strat and Firebird into a Germino Masonette, and yes indeed, it does make the amp sound like “a million watts”.  Amazing.  I also have the Roadster Fuzz, which I love, but this is a totally different animal.  Both are really good fuzz pedals and I have no problem with both of these on my board as they each offer their own unique tones.  The 68 RVF is truly a remarkable pedal.  I would have expected to pay much more for a quality build like this.  You are knocking them out of the park! Thanks for all you are doing! Dave PS — loving the SECRET PREAMP™.  Always on. 

FUZZ: Maximizing this control increases total amount of fuzz. Customized circuit offers improved range of control allowing less fuzz and more over-driven fluid tone for the majority (nearly 80%) of this control’s travel. [You can’t get a vintage DAFF to do this.]

Hi Kyle, I would like to give you some feedback on my recent purchases, namely the SECRET PREAMP™ and the 68 Red Velvet FUZZ™. Both pedals are awesome. I own an old EP-3 and the SECRET PREAMP™ is the first pedal that comes very close to the original, both in tone and feel. I really like the mode switch. It is such a handy feature. Switching between different amps is no longer a problem. The preamp of my old EP-3 is more on the dark side and this causes some issues. I also like how the volume knob reacts and that the amount of boost can be adjusted without changing the overall feel. Fantastic! The 68 Red Velvet Fuzz hands down is the best FF-type pedal I have ever played (and there were many). I almost gave up on FF-type fuzzes because most often they are kind of difficult to adjust, especially in a band context … I guess you know what I mean. I switched to Tonebender Fuzzes which now are my absolute favorites. The 68 Red Velvet Fuzz, however, brought back my love for Fuzz Faces. It has that characteristic sound when full on and all the tonal texture one hopes for when rolling back the guitar volume. Most important though, it works in a band context. The bass-, mid- and feel-knobs are ace and so easy to use. Again, fantastic! Kyle, you are just brilliant! Cheers from Switzerland Peter

MIDS: Clockwise Boosts MIDS & OUTPUT to actually be heard in a band mix. [You can’t get a vintage DAFF to do this.]

Hey Kyle, I hope you are well!  It’s been over a month with the Red Velvet and it’s become my go-to pedal. I use it more than any other fuzz or any drive pedal for that matter. It just sounds awesome; the feel is great and it’s so versatile. As I’m reading about their anticipation I smiled to myself because I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it for the last five weeks. Thanks again for sending me out one early on, I really appreciate it. Take care, Kurt

FEEL: Updated Bias knob done our way. Every setting is musical and changes the feel and texture- counter-clockwise saturated starved voltage and dying battery feel through punchy round tube-like fuzz and everything in between. [You can’t get a vintage DAFF to do this.]

Hey brother, just got the Red Velvet fuzz and I am loving this pedal, Kyle!! Unbelievable control and feel! Y’all knocked it outta the ballpark, brother!!!! Update: I’m blown away how this RVF cleans up and those tones are just so sweet! -John

BASS: Maximizing this control in the clockwise direction removes it from the circuit. Adjusting in a counter-clockwise direction adjusts the headroom clipping of the input circuit, reduces bass frequencies allowing better compatibility with dark or humbucker equipped guitars, and helps eliminate oscillations when placed after a wah pedal. [You can’t get a vintage DAFF to do this.]



Features Include: Premium Quality

  • Professional Low-Noise PCB DESIGN: FULL PCB GROUND PLANE provides enhanced noise reduction and rejection.
  • Stable Performance On-the-Road- Temperature independent for consistent performance.
  • Standard 9VDC Polarity Power- Center Negative (Standard) or 9Volt Battery.

Kyle I just received my ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ fuzz today, after playing it for 5 min I know I had to have another one for my 2nd board, I’m all in! this is a killer fuzz! You knocked it out of the park with the ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ very smooth!  Best sounding fuzz I’ve ever played!  Thanks! John

Wow! This thing’s great! Really digging it. The right feel and saturation, no [overly full], overly dense lows, harmonics complexity everywhere. – Evan

Components Include: Vintage-Spec, New Production

  • Cherry picked to cream-of-the-crop specs BC183C Silicon Transistors- Only hand picked transistors are used. Check out our preferred transistor analyzer below! [These are stock Google images. But it’s the unit we use.]

Hi Kyle- Man, the RVF is so awesome I could order a 2nd already just to have in case anything ever happened to this one. Color me impressed! Very thick, but never too loose on the low end, and all the high end clarity is retained. Love the extremes of all the knobs, and everything in between. I couldn’t detect an ounce of hiss or anything with the pedal activated. That’s always one of my pet peeves, when a pedal introduces hiss to the signal chain. The note decay on the fuzz sounds so natural while sustaining, and really emulates playing through a cranked amp. I just love the way the MIDS knob interacts with the FUZZ knob in finding the right amount of gain/fuzz mixed with the right amount of sustain. Everything about it just screams classic rock and roll! It’s been a while since I’ve been that inspired by a new pedal. Thanks Kyle, and congratulations on another outstanding pedal creation! -Steve

  • Vintage-Spec, New Production, Low Noise Carbon Film Resistors in 50+ year Aged ‘fine-tuned’ values.
  • Vintage-Spec, New Production, High Quality BC Axial Electrolytic Capacitors

Got it today. WELL worth the wait. This is THE first Fuzz I have ever played through, and I’ve been through a ton in my 30 years of playing, in search for that elusive “Hendrix” Fuzz Face tone that so many builders “claim” to have, and which ALL fell short of, that the first note I played was an instant WOW!!! Man, you NAILED it. Hendrix in spades. And not only that, FAR more versatile. Wow, what a gem!!! The entire thing is AWESOME, the feel, the color, the finish, the texture, the sheen, the color, the knobs, the font, the LED, you name it. And I don’t think it’s possible to find a bad setting on this jewel! No joke. I applaud you.  Endless thanks, Tony 

  • Vintage Mullard Tropical Fish Capacitor

Kyle, Wow! Just got the Red Velvet in the mail. Holy, man! Magnificent pedal, thanks so much for the great deal and killer tones! -Dave

Hardware Includes: Hand-wired Jacks and Switches for Ultra Reliability On-The-Road

  • Retro Cherry Red Impact Resistant LED BEZEL with Wide Viewing Angle.
  • Sweet Red VelvetPowder Coat Finish (Zero Ozone Emissions and Ultra-Durable) with Vintage-Accurate Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face DURABLE PRINT.

Hi Kyle, I love this fuzz. LOVE IT! I just placed an order for two more. – David

  • High quality 1970s style aluminum enclosure:4” Long x 2.4” Wide x 1.5” High. Fits in the palm of your hand.
  • REAR MOUNT JACKS = FIT ON VIRTUALLY ANY PEDAL BOARD! High Quality Switchcraft Jacks Handwired for Ultimate On-The-Road. (JACKS ARE NICKEL-PLATED)
  • High Quality, EPOXY Reinforced 3PDT wired for TRUE BYPASS (SWITCH IS NICKEL-PLATED)
  • Black Metal Replica TOP HAT KNOBS!

Hey Kyle, Fuzz is very nice. On my board replacing previous favorite fuzz. Thanks! Paul

~ Power Coat actually feels like Sweet Red Velvet! ~


Hi Kyle, The ‘68 Red Velvet Fuzz is the most accomplished fuzz (fuzz face) in the world, the most successful! When I play it, it’s like starting a V8 American engine such as an Oldsmobile cutlass 442 or a Dodge Challenger (from 1968 obviously). The intermediate position with a Tele or LP is now transcended with those incredible rich harmonics that give a fantastic erratic growl! Whatever the guitar or amp, the ‘68 Red Velvet Fuzz explode all… Man… you killed me ! You are the Dr Kyle and Mr Chase of the sound! You’re a mad passionate and I really like it! I suppose you’re wondering if I still prefer the CAR [NOS Candy Apple Red Germanium] or maybe how I compare them…and I know you guess the answer. The CAR [NOS Candy Apple Red Germanium] is your first success and it was the best reproduction ever made…but now…things have changed with the ‘68 RVF! This box wins all! Sincerely Vassili


Our Philosophy: “Inspired by Tone™

“We take a passionate approach in deciphering iconic, elusive tones– the same elusive tones that inspire you. We design our professional-grade products to inspire you on whatever musical quest you seek — house rocker, local clubs, studios, large theaters and world concert stages. So, step on your Chase Tone™ equipped pedals and live your musically creative life to the fullest. Professional-grade products, built out of passion, that truly inspire- now that’s something worth playing.”– Kyle Chase


[Matt Cummings. Fender Stratocaster. Fender Brown Face Amp.]


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Back-Order: New Release! Pre-Production and early 1st Production Run shipments are complete. Players LOVE it! 4-6 Week Back-Order for June orders due-to-high-sales-volume. Check out the LOW release price for a limited time!

“Hi Kyle, I’d like to cancel my order of the red velvet fuzz if I may? I’ve got my fuzz bases covered and no longer have a need for another fuzz.  Can I cancel the order? Thanks, David.” [CT™ REPLY] Hi David, Thanks for your message. Yes. We can cancel your order. Just update us to confirm. We can also guarantee a full refund if the ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ does not exceed your expectations. Thanks, Kyle. [End CT™ REPLY] “Well if I can essentially try it risk free, I guess I’ll hang in there on the list. -David.” PLAYER UPDATE: “Hi Kyle, I got a chance to play the ‘68 Red Velvet Fuzz this evening alongside some of my [name removed 1], [name removed 2], [name removed 3], and [name removed 4] Germanium fuzzes as well as a [name removed 5] and a [name removed 6].  I’d say 99% of the tonal character and responsiveness of the Germaniums is there with the ‘68 Red Velvet Fuzz.  Along with the added tonal flexibility its easily the absolute best Silicon Fuzz Face I’ve ever heard or played and at the current asking price [$129.98!], it’s a no-brainer.  I liked the ‘68 more than the [name removed] or the [name removed] which both sell for $300-450 if you can find one. I’ll keep the ‘68 because in a band setting, no one could tell the difference between the Red Velvet Fuzz and a $1000 boutique germanium fuzz face.  Great Job with this one Kyle.” Thanks, David


Hi Kyle, I thought you might be interested in this short review. Mine made it all the way to Australia! Great packing and presentation Kyle. Like having a paper instruction sheet to read straight out of the box. Communication was fabulous all through this process too from order to shipping. Playing into a Supro Coronado just ticking over which is one of my favorite clean sounds my first impression is very favorable. I love being able to dial the bass right out and I really love that you can get great boost/OD tones with the really usable range of the gain/fuzz knob. I started with the bias all the way clockwise (least fuzzy), fuzz barely on and the volume dimed and had great light-medium breakup tones using the bridge PU of my 62RI Strat with Fender vintage style Pups (whatever they put in it in the factory in 89). Gradually cracking the gain yielded corresponding heavier tones and the tone & bias controls are useful at all levels. Others have said it, but you can’t get a bad sound from this thing at any setting. The string separation stays excellent at all gain ranges and the BC183’s give a crisp, cutting silicon fuzz that for me was never too biting or thin. The neck PU of the Strat gives a classic FF tone that isn’t too wooly and is rich with overtones. It was said earlier that this thing is fantastic for power chords. It has exquisite sag and the bottom end is incredibly tight. I found myself comping for ages. That feeling when your right hand can do no wrong and notes are blooming perfectly. All from a clean amp, very cool. I tried it against some of my favorite OD’s and this had them all covered for a cracking rock power chord tone. Playing with my Tele that has hotter, custom wound Martin Smith Pups and a treble bleed allowed me to wind the volume on the guitar right down and get a great cleaner than clean tone playing jingle jangle power pop chords and riffs. Early days but I can see myself using this as my main OD as it sounds fantastic and is super versatile. Very happy. Kyle, I forgot to mention what great value this pedal represents in comparison to what some boutique builders charge for fuzz pedals. I had a friend around tonight who is a splendid player and a fuzz nut, and he was absolutely blown away by the ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ and particularly when I told him the price. He was going to go home and order one. I’ve also spread it around to my Facebook and Instagram circle as I believe your products and service deserve all the success they can get. I have no doubt what you say about the builder being more critical than the parts. The ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ™ is a masterpiece. I honestly believe I’ll be able to use it as my only OD. I forgot to mention too, it sounds spectacular going into the SECRET PREAMP™. I have the SP™ at the last position on my board and it makes all my pedals sound better, even modulation. Thanks again for your work. Rob

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