Chase Tone™ Metallic Blue Hi-Octave

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~ Chase Tone™ 1970s Metallic Blue Stardust™ Hi-Octave ~


“For those who desire an early 1970′s style Hi-Octave with thick, warm even-order harmonics and increased note tracking that still cuts through a band mix …

Chase Tone 1970s Metallic Blue Hi Octave - Copy

all while remaining smooth and articulate with incredible touch sensitivity and dynamics. A high octave effect that can ring modulate and produce low octaves depending upon the pick attack and player’s unique touch.”


Custom Metallic Blue Finish!

Your octave sounds fantastic. It’s now parked with my GS Wyllie Ozo, beautiful tones, clean, warm and slightly overdriven. I tried both < name removed 1 > , <name removed 2 >, < name removed 3 >, < name removed 4 >, and they are all nice but didn’t have that element that made me want to keep them. Yours has it, it has a purity and great drive character, it sounds sweet, I really think it’s an Awesome Octave. Awesome work man! -Perry

Metallic Blue Stardust™ Controls:

Output: Maximizing this control increases output, sustain, punch, clarity and treble EQ. The sweet spot is adjusting in comparison to the Intensity Control. An optimal Output setting is usually between 3/4s and maximum.

Intensity: Special circuit tunings allows a full range of fluid, over-driven Hi-Octave Fuzz tones. Lower counter-clockwise settings allow cleaner, warmer Octave sounds. Higher clockwise settings gradually increase saturation, output clipping and treble EQ.

Gotta say, man…pretty incredible. Been on an Octavia search for years and years searching after a certain tonal character. This is the one. I was able to dial all the iconic Octavia tones from all my favorite Hendrix examples, in particular, that one from “Lullaby For the Sunshine’ and also “Who Knows”. Thick, full and musical…perfect for cutting through a band mix, yet not harsh. I tried putting it before OD and fuzz as per the recommended instructions and that’s where its at! I was pleased to also find out extra tones I wasn’t even looking for. The lower fret tones were killing it, which are usually absent from the octavias I have tried. With power chords, I was able to dial in brilliant, brutal fuzz tones…like Black Sabbath meets the best Univox Superfuzz while your brain is melting. I’ve tried countless Octavia-type pedals in an almost obsessive search and this one is the king…the one I have wanted. Almost want to order another one in case anything happens to this one. I love the rad trapezoidal enclosure as well. Thanks for having a golden ear. – Adam


Tone Tips:

1. Placing the Metallic Blue Hi-Octave Stardust™ before overdrive and fuzz pedals is usually most optimal.


As part of the Chase Tone Stardust Effects Pedal series with finishes inspired by a love for astronomy.

  1. High Quality Translucent Star Dust Powder Coat Finishes. (Zero Ozone Emissions)
  2. Futuristic Trapezoidal Design is Pedal Board and Gig Bag Friendly. (Perfect for late night jams or sitting in with a live band.)
  3. Rear Facing American Made Input & Output Jacks as well as standard polarity DC Jack. (Keeps cables out of the musician’s path.)
  4. Enclosure-mounted (with stop-lock-tab), PCB-mount Potentiometers soldered onto thick fiberglass circuit board with plated-through-holes for reliable performance on the road.
  5. Metal Film Resistors
  6. NOS Cherry Picked 2n3906 Motorola Low Gain Silicon Transistors
  7. 360° viewing angle hi-brite RED Light Emitting Diode w/ clear high-impact diffuse-ribbed ABS plastic protector.

The Metallic Blue™ Hi-Octave pedal is unreal, Kyle. I totally love it. It’s everything you could ever possibly want in an Octave pedal. And this is just playing it all by itself!! This is not even going into your Silver Stardust™ Fuzz pedal! You’re a TONE genius, Kyle, no other description fits. We’re doing some recording here now; I’ll send you something that features your pedals when I can. In the meantime, THANK YOU KYLE CHASE!! What you don’t make, I don’t want. – Ross


“Reminiscent of the iconic Hi-Octave Effects heard on the late 1960s & early 1970s recordings of yesteryear including Live Band of Gypsies era and “Valleys of Neptune’s Lullaby For The Summer” LP, among others.”


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