Chase Tone™ Black Stardust™ BC109 Silicon Fuzz

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~ Chase Tone™ Black Stardust™ BC109C Silicon Fuzz ~

“For those who desire a clear, crisp David Gilmour inspired dynamic and touch sensitive BC109 Silicon Fuzz…

Chase Tone Black Stardust BC109C Fuzz

Imagine a clear, yet complex fuzz that’s both melodic, soulful and hardcore. Superb shades of fuzz from crystal clear cleans, overdrive, crunchy fuzz to sustaining hardcore singing fuzz. Most ideal for atmospheric Classic Rock w/ Blues Roots.”



Volume: Higher levels enhance treble EQ to cut through a mix. Reduce for smoother a top-end.

Fuzz: Increased range of travel in comparison to vintage FF units. Backing off slightly from maximum increases feedback and reduces fizziness from higher bias settings.

Bias: Optimally biases the transistors for the preferred gate, feel and pick attack; from thick, warm and gated fuzz tones… to open, clear, full bodied clean, overdrive and fuzz leads.

← Turning counter-clockwise provides a Warmer “Vintage Spec,” Gated Character.

→ Turning clockwise provides a Bolder, Punchy Tube Style Texture.

Headroom: Reduce bottom end, enhance guitar volume cleanup, and reduce or eliminate wah induced oscillations (Guitar> Wah > Fuzz > Amp). Useful for humbucker equipped guitars.


* If Alien Radio Transmission Signals are present, please reduce the Headroom Control to less than 100% maximum.


As part of the Chase Tone Stardust Effects Pedal series with finishes inspired by a love for astronomy.

  1. High Quality Translucent Star Dust Powder Coat Finishes. (Zero Ozone Emissions)
  2. Futuristic Trapezoidal Design is Pedal Board and Gig Bag Friendly. (Perfect for late night jams or sitting in with a live band.)
  3. Rear Facing American Made Input & Output Jacks as well as standard polarity DC Jack. (Keeps cables out of the musician’s path.)
  4. Enclosure-mounted (with stop-lock-tab), PCB-mount Potentiometers soldered onto thick fiberglass circuit board with plated-through-holes for reliable performance on the road.
  5. Aged Value Carbon Film Resistors
  6. NOS Cherry Picked BC109 Silicon Transistors
  7. 360° viewing angle hi-brite RED Light Emitting Diode w/ red high-impact diffuse-ribbed ABS plastic protector.


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Sold Out!


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