Chase Tone™ Red Stardust™ Germanium Fuzz

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Temperature Stable and Standard Polarity Power!


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Drivin’ South!



Limited production.


Chase Tone™ Red Stardust™ Germanium Fuzz ~


“For those who desire a germanium fuzz pedal that sounds like an exploding sun . . .


I am really enjoying the Red Stardust.  It is an outstanding fuzz and has exceeded my expectations. – Art

Chase Tone Red Stardust Germanium

. . . with more gain, thick fuzz, sustain and feedback than a stock vintage germanium fuzz face- all while never getting lost in the mix.”


 “I have been testing the Red Stardust™ and I have to say that I am VERY PLEASED !! The extra gain is exactly what I needed. It is warm, bold, full of juicy sounds and voodoo tones I am in love with it! Awesome when you roll off a bit the guitar volume pot for rhythm and unleash the beast when back to ten for lead work and of course never got lost in the mix!!! Hats down Sir! Once again thank you so much, everything was very professional since my first email. You ROCK Kyle! – Willam

The Stardust arrived today! WOW! What a pedal man. Beautiful sounding and looking (inside and out). Really impressed with this. Great work Kyle! – Sean


Output Control: Maximizing this control increases sustain, punch and treble bite. The sweet spot is adjusting it in comparison to your tube amplifier volume and EQ settings- An optimal setting is usually between 3/4s and maximum when turning in a clockwise direction.

Fuzz Control: Maximizing this control increases total amount of fuzz. Customized circuit offers improved range of control allowing less fuzz and more over-driven fluid tone for the majority of this control’s travel.

Hi Kyle, Just wanted to report back that the Red is indeed awesome! By far my most favorite aspects are the sustain and how dynamic/reactive it is, especially at high volume levels. The RS can achieve some really lovely and musical feedback, which is a lot of fun to control.Thanks again, Sterling.

Temper Control: Optimal adjustment is around half-way(noon) at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Fine tune adjustment in either direction may be necessary to compensate for temperature fluctuations. A gated effect can be achieved when adjusting this control at its extreme settings. If the quality of the fuzz tone is not optimal, this is the knob that usually needs adjustment. Fine tune adjustment by ear is recommended.

Headroom: Maximizing this control in the clockwise direction removes it from the circuit. Adjusting in a counter-clockwise direction adjusts the headroom clipping of the input circuit, reduces bass frequencies allowing better compatibility with dark or humbucker equipped guitars, and helps eliminate oscillations when placed after a wah pedal.


I have a whole bunch of germanium fuzzes and I switch them all the time but the Red stardust is by far the most used. –Steven

Absolutely amazing customer service and the fuzz pedal is INCREDIBLE! Thanks! -Brett

Hi Kyle.  I’ve had my Red Stardust for about a week now, just wanted to let you know what I think.  I love it.  I’m actually not a big pedal guy and don’t generally like what they do to my signal, but now and then I run across a pedal that doesn’t impede the connection between my fingers and the speaker, but instead enhances it.  The Stardust is one of those.  It’s a very musical box, lots of great colors and depths and textures to be found.   And it “feels” right.  I’ve been looking for a good fuzzface for awhile now, and decided to go with yours based mostly on comments I read online – there was just something about the way people described your work that sounded true and resonated.  It looks like my intuition was correct.  Thanks for building me a great instrument. – Rick


As part of the Chase Tone Stardust Effects Pedal series with finishes inspired by a love for astronomy.

  1. High Quality Translucent Star Dust Powder Coat Finishes. (Zero Ozone Emissions)
  2. Futuristic Trapezoidal Design is Pedal Board and Gig Bag Friendly. (Perfect for late night jams or sitting in with a live band.)
  3. Rear Facing American Made Input & Output Jacks as well as positive ground (non-standard) DC Jack. (Keeps cables out of the musician’s path.)
  4. Enclosure-mounted (with stop-lock-tab), PCB-mount Potentiometers soldered onto thick fiberglass circuit board with plated-through-holes for reliable performance on the road.
  5. NOS Allen Bradley Carbon Resistors
  6. NOS Cherry Picked Gold Lead Plated Germanium Transistors
  7. 360° viewing angle hi-brite RED Light Emitting Diode w/ red high-impact diffuse-ribbed ABS plastic protector.

Let me just tell you that you are the best!!!  You have no idea how excited I am to get this and let it rip Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh. Thank you so much; you really have no idea how much I appreciate this. I’ve been telling all my buddies to check out your stuff and they are all in love with the tones from your pedals and are planning to make some purchases themselves very soon. Can’t stress enough how bad a$$ this fuzz pedal is now that I’ve had time to redo my rig and learn the ins and out of the pedal. It honestly couldn’t sound any better than you’ve made it, amazing! Thanks Kyle – Terry


♫ More Cool MP3 Audio Samples Below! ♫


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    Sound Clips:


    Drivin’ South!


    Sound Clip Description:

    *Smooth spread of rich harmonic textures of clean, overdrive and “rubber band quality”
    fuzz tones by manipulating guitar volume between 3 and 10, and stands out in the mix
    while never being too bright.

    Ceriatone JTM45 (replacement transformers & custom attenuator)

    Volume I (8)

    Volume II (6)

    1997 Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster.

    Dunlop Crybaby Wah.

    Custom fine tuned Chase Tone Germanium Fuzz Face Replica.

    Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Reverb added for ambience.

    Credits: Customer sound clip at band rehearsal.


    Mannish Boy (Over Biased Tone)


    Sound Clip Description:

    Mesa Lone Star Special

    1964 Fender Telecaster

    Strymon Flint Reverb

    Credits: Electric guitarist Matt Cummings of the Dr. Yes band.


    Fuzz n Feedback Illustration with Fender Tweed Champ


    Sound Clip Description:

    1957 Fender Tweed Champ Replica w/ Deluxe size speaker cabinet & 12″ Weber Alnico speaker

    1968 Fender Stratocaster Replica w/reverse staggered pickups, reverse angled bridge pickup, and reverse neck. Tone control modification to bridge single coil pickup.

    Clean amp tone & then Fuzz pedal engaged at 12 seconds.

    Korg Digital Recorder- Reverb added for ambience.


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